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The Guild hosts workshops at various times throughout the year.

Members of the Guild are given preferences at the workshops before non-members can register

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Woven Shibori Workshop

11 - 13 Oct 2018 at the Pioneer Craft House

The Mary Atwater Weaver’s Guild welcomes Barbara Cabrol, a one-time member of our Guild, back to Salt Lake City to teach a three-day Woven Shibori Workshop! In woven shibori, pattern threads are woven through the cloth, as shown in the image below. Then, when the cloth is cut off the loom, the threads are pulled tight to resist dye. After dyeing, the threads are removed and the pattern is revealed.

This will be a modified round robin workshop, starting with pre-warped looms. Participants will explore the use of various weave structures using supplemental weft or warp threads that can be gathered and secured to produce resist patterns on the woven fabric.

During three days of fun and learning, participants will weave, cut off, and dye samples. Samples will be cut off at regular intervals so the supplemental threads can be gathered and the samples dyed. Samples will be dyed several times each day and batched overnight. The fun is the final untying!

Beginning to expert Weaver's will enjoy this workshop. Looms can include twoharness looms with pick-up, as well as four- and eight-harness looms. Barbara will send participants suggested drafts for four- and eight-harness looms in advance.

Space is limited to 15 participants. The total cost should not exceed $125, and the balance will be due at the workshop. Fill out the application below to reserve your space in the workshop.

Application Form for the Shibori Workshop