Guild Challenge

The 2021 Guild Challenge is a towel exchange. Participation is voluntary. This is a way for you to share your skills with others. You are encouraged to use the yarn you have on hand. If you do not have the yarn you need, please ask other guild members to see if they have what you need in their stash.

You will be sending one towel to another participating member of the guild. The person you send to will be chosen randomly. You are weaving a towel to please you!

Why towels?

  • Towels are a great blank canvas to express our style and experiment with colors and weave structures.
  • Towels need not be complicated, often the simplest towels are just as compelling as complex weaves.
  • Towels use simple materials such as cotton or linen and are inexpensive to weave.
  • Towels can be a great beginner/intermediate stretch project.

What to weave:

  • Towels should be (if possible) no less than 15” wide finished and about 30” long. They should be hemmed.
  • A good size is often closer to 20” by 36” but it depends on people’s looms and how many heddles they have access to.
  • Use what you have, share with others if they need something you might have plenty of.
  • Use any weave structure or pattern you enjoy, do what you like.
  • Have fun!

Slide Show for the Guild Challenge

MMAWG 26th Biannual Exhibit

2 Sep 2021 to 13 Oct 2021
At the Utah Cultural Celebration Center, Main Gallery

COVID allowing, we will be celebrating the Guild’s 26th Biannual Fiber Exhibit from September 2 through October 13, 2021, so we hope that everyone will have lots of wonderful things to enter!!!

In conjunction with the exhibit, we will also be holding a workshop with Robyn Spady. After our last, highly successful exhibit in 2019, we were invited back by the Utah Cultural Celebration Center for 2021, which, as I know we all realize, is quite an honor.

We invite you all to participate. Entries must have been created within the last two years and not shown at our 2019 exhibit. We know many have been working like mad during the past year at home, so we know it is going to be a FABULOUS EXHIBIT!!!!

A Call to Action: As we all know, it takes a team to put our wonderful Biannual Fiber Exhibits together! As Chair of the exhibit, I would love to invite members to work with me on the exhibit. Specific areas where help is needed are:

  • Contacting other Guilds to invite them to participate. In the past, we have had a rich variety of entries from other fiber groups such as Utah Surface Design, the Embroidery Guild, tatters, spinners, etc.
  • Contacting organizations such as HGA, Handwoven, ATA, etc. to arrange for awards from their organizations
  • Publicity and entry forms
  • Weaving wonderful awards ribbons
  • Organizing and managing intake and takedown
Please contact Mimi if you are willing to help in any of these areas. In the meantime, I hope everyone is working on wonderful things to enter in the show! Thank you!

Submission of Entries: August 20, from noon to 6:00 p.m. Works will be accepted at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center, Main Gallery Show Open: September 2–October 13
Show Takedown/Pickup: October 14, from noon to 6:00 p.m.
(Note: A signed, written permission from the artist must be presented in order for works to be released to persons other than the artist.)

There is a nonrefundable entry fee for up to three entries: MMAWG Members: $15
Non-Guild members: $20
Checks should be made payable to Mary Meigs Atwater Weaver’s Guild or MMAWG.

The artist assigns the sale price or insurance value of each item. The Utah Cultural Celebration Center will deduct a 30% commission from all sales, so the sale price must include this commission. Items can be marked NFS (not for sale).

Works should be ready for display. The top and face of each piece should be clearly marked if necessary. If the entry requires a mannequin, rod, armature, etc., the artist must provide it. The artist must attach the identification tag provided with the Entry Form.

The entries will be juried for entry into the show by a committee of Guild members. Judging criteria will include originality, quality of execution, use of color and materials in the categories listed below. The show will be judged for awards by Robyn Spady.

Artists will choose one of the following categories for each entry:

  1. Functional (table linens, rugs, garments, etc.)
  2. Nonfunctional (two- or multi-dimensional pieces)
Artists will choose one of the following originality categories for each entry:
  1. Original, one-of-a-kind and not executed under supervision
  2. Adapted from a design source (source should be listed)
  3. Student entries (may be executed under supervision or reproduced from a design source; source should be listed)
  4. For display only (not considered for awards)